Before I say anything else, here’s a reminder: this is the final phase!

So, if you are on this list you should keep an eye on your inbox! A Shizen member is going to contact you next week via e-mail to schedule the interview. And also read this post untill the last word, because there are some pretty important messages we want you to know.

Now, let’s get down to what matters… Check out the list of finalists:

Bruno Correa
Daniela Góes
Gabriel Vasconcellos
Isabela Netto Zani
Larissa Migotto Brandolt
Letícia Ji Jia Lin
Luiz Henrique Vidal Fonseca
Naiane Pontes

Ana Luiza Ferreira de Lima
Bárbara Silva Cruz
Cleyson Haruyuki dos Santos Shingu
Guilherme Hideki Nagai
Rafael Choucair Ferreira
Roberto Mendes Pereira Franca Mendonca
Thiago Barreto Carvalho

Congrats, you guysss!! You totally nailed the first interview and I hope you do the same in this next one. Keep up the good work!

Everyone who’s on this list is going to receive an e-mail from this program’s leader, Isa Martins, with valuable tips for preparing for the final interview. Tomorrow or the day after that, be sure to check your inbox (and maybe spam list, for caution). And if you don’t receive it untill saturday night, reach out for us via our Facebook Fanpage‘s chat.

If you unfortunately are not on this list, don’t be sad: your efforts were recognized and will be valued. An amazing talent as yours won’t take long to conquer success, so stay positive, energized and with us. The road is long but will be rewarding! I believe in you.

Come on final phase, we are ready for you!